Children these days have access to a lot of information. Information that they use to develop their Inquisitive Minds. They probe from all the What’s to Whys and Hows. Challenge is not to control the source of information they may have access to, but to Develop their Minds to Accept, Interpret and Use the Information towards something more Constructive.

While Parents instill Values and Schools the VirtuesWE at Globe Trotts through our Well Researched Programs, attempt to fill the little gap that remains in their Interpretation of the Implication of these Learning’s during their Transition from Being Dependent to Being Independent !!

Globe Trotts through Sharp Minds attempt to Empower them to chisel their wavering thoughts so as to be clear with their Purpose. It is our goal to prepare the kids to look for and find strength within themselves and not look around when faced with adversity. We don’t wish to teach them the rights and the wrongs, but we intend to Empower them to Appreciate Reality and to make Discerning Choices that is driven by Purpose and Objectivity.

 It’s just  like teaching them to Understand, Interpret and Appreciate the how’s / what’s / When’s of the ingredients of a recipe, instead of teaching them how to cook it. So, when they step out of the comfort of families / friends / teachers and step into the race of the world, they are more prepared to Accept & Appreciate Challenges and know how to use 

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